Windows XP x86 driver links

nVidia 195.62 (WINXP X86):

Realtek R239 (ALL OS):

Intel INF update (ALL OS):

Intel Wifilink 1000 A/B/G/N (WINXP X86):

Atheros AR8160 LAN (WINXP X86):

Ricoh SD/MMC (WINXP X86):


Using nLite

if you are unfamiliar with nlite, see use the drivers here instead of there.

!!! make sure you use PCHM 6-port from the list of available text-mode drivers in SATA !!!
!!! SATA and LAN or Wifi are the only two drivers that have to be slipstreamed (for obvious reasons), the rest can be installed separately once XP installs !!!

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